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I've been trying tofind this video I used to watch all the time but I can't seem to find it since Newgrounds changed its layout. It was a music video for a The Dillinger Escape Plan song. It was about a dude trying to escape an asylum or something and at the end he gets hit by a train. I can't remember the name of it either or I would just type it into the search.


2013-02-20 19:43:12 by chibamonkey10

I recently found a website that is totally awesome. I'm going to be posting my music to there mostly because my friend and I are starting really write seriously and making better music. I have the two Grunge songs that are on here from our grunge project right now but am going to add more. I would appreciate if you would download it from there if you are not going to use it for purposes relating to Newgrounds. Please it would help very much.


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My music

2012-05-21 01:47:13 by chibamonkey10

If anyone reading this, happens to like any music on my page it would be much appreciated if you would donate some (any possible really) money to my paypal account. if you download any of the songs written by my good friend Adam Ruhl he will get 60% of whatever profit comes in. I am just really broke, and am fuckin living with my parents and cant seem to find a job so I'm trying to make money doing what i love and thats making any kind of music I can and hope people like it. IF and when you donate, send me a message saying you did, for what song, and how much

PayPal account: (official sounding aint it)

My friends EP

2011-07-14 18:42:31 by chibamonkey10

My good friend Adam Ruhl and I sat down a few days ago and finally recorded his acoustic EP. He had been working on it for about 6 months and is really excited to finally have it done. I put up three of his songs off the six song EP, so check them and rate them and fucking download them haha. Its just him and his acoustic guitar. simple. its recorded with a small mic from a rosetta stone headset and we did it in like 7 hours. It's called the Paprika EP, because he named his guitar Paprika. Yea, check it out.

iPod Touch Jailbreak!

2010-03-22 21:10:33 by chibamonkey10

I finally got around to jailbreaking my ipod touch. I had to downgrade to 3.1.2 software so i hope its worth it. It was really easy and i can always get rid of the jailbreak by restoring and then f i want i can update to 3.1.3 again. anyway, i used Blackra1n, which is by far the easiest way to jailbreak. literally, you restore u your ipod, so its like its brand new (make sure it has 3.1.2 software) then make sure its connected to your comp (dont let it sync with your itunes, just leave it so nothing is on it) open Blackra1n and click "make it ra1n" and the program does the rest. for a better description on this youtube it or google it. a lot of people can explain it better


2009-12-14 19:53:27 by chibamonkey10

im bored... holy tit piss im bored

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2009-07-19 22:38:11 by chibamonkey10

i got a new girlfriend, shes really amazing! her name is Dakota and shes funny, beautiful, nice, caring.


2009-07-07 20:56:22 by chibamonkey10

not anymore, youtube fucked me over. so no video. oh well.

is gewd, lolz im getting a dub sack tomorrow, its been half a year cuz of probation so its gonna fuck me up sooo bad, lolz cant wait!


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Born Of Osiris - Abstract Art

theyre an awesome band! listen and headbang