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Anthem For The Ordinary Anthem For The Ordinary

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Only thing is it's NOT cheaper than a McDonalds meal. You can get a McDouble Burger, or a Hot N Spicy for a dollar or both, a small fry and a drink for under $5 so that statement isn't true.

Feel Good Marijuana Song Feel Good Marijuana Song

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happy 4:20

true juggalo ninja true juggalo ninja

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hahaha duude wtf.... true juggalo ninja gonna blow your fuckin face off... oh shit. this shit is funny as hell haha much love whoop whoop

Final suicide letter Final suicide letter

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I really like it. I like how slow it is. I could rap to this too, ive been writing some dark shit lately in my head. I hope to hear more.

MMFWCL Whoop whoop!

++_I Forgive You_++ ++_I Forgive You_++

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This song is amazing. I love music like this, thats about life and real shit that goes down. I love music, it keeps me going and having music like this that is real and legit just makes me love music more. I also thought it was funny how at the bottom of the authors comments u basically told your sister to stop being a whore. I dont know, it just made me laugh a little i guess. Idk how much you rap because ive only listened to maybe 5 tracks but I would love to hear more of your raps, you have a great voice and awesome delivery. Keep making music

MMFWCL from me, even though your not a juggalo (as far as i know)

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MYDBoi responds:

Thanks dewd =)
I really appreciate your kind words man. This is the mewzik i grew up listening to. mewzik like this. And I've always loved it. but mainstream is killing it. People are losing sight of real mewzik. mewzik is all about emotion and life man. relation to us, not mainstream though.
Lol, yes.. I guess it is kind of funny now that i think about it lol. I haven't been rapping that long. 4-5 years. I didn't really step up til mid 2010. Thank you dewd =D I try my best. Though this is just a rough draft. The final will be so much better.


Katie's A Bitch Katie's A Bitch

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Maybe u shoulda explained it was a joke beforehand

but oh well who cares, nice song

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MikeTaylor responds:

yeah that didn't work out so well either way. Thats like punching someone in the face and then saying "just kidding".. but thanks for the review!

Power To The People Power To The People

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Should Be Featured,

nuff said

giftedbuttwisted responds:

Thanks! Glad ya like it!

Topless- Hide Topless- Hide

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It works...

for just an attempt at this type of genre u guys did well... obviously it isnt perfect but work at it a lil and it could be great... ur mix of sincere lyrics with punky upbeat rythm is a good mix just rough around the edges.. work on it and youll get better. keep up the good work

Family Guy Theme (Punk Cover) Family Guy Theme (Punk Cover)

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DId u guys know?...

that like a bunch of ur songs are the highest rated, in this section, which is pretty crazy and i love Family Guy so this is awesome as well!

giftedbuttwisted responds:

Yeah dude and it makes me very happy haha and thanks

I Wanna Be A Guitar Hero I Wanna Be A Guitar Hero

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Now this is punk!

i hear a lot of songs in this section that are more metal-ish but u got the punk element down, i love it! and i wish i was a Gee-tar Hee-row!

giftedbuttwisted responds:

Thanks man! Yeah, we usually go for punk and apparently we succeeded with this one haha =P